RocketFuel is a company on a mission: a mission to take the market by storm. Over the last three years, they’ve been doing just that. But massive growth has also meant they need good people. Lots of them.

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Back in 2014, RocketFuel management identified that they need to do a lot of hiring. But the management team and HR department already had their hands full running a fast moving business. So what to do?

Enter Superstars. Steve Hutson stepped in as Talent Director working alongside RocketFuel’s Director of HR. Steve quickly understood the lay of the land, and set to work with his colleagues. The team’s work included mapping existing digital networks of contacts, putting together a talent attraction strategy, and development of key tools including a very successful talent attraction video.

Over two and a half years, Superstars recruited 164 people in six countries for RocketFuel. Roles covered HR, legal, account management, sales, marketing and media analysts. Each of these people have made big contributions to RocketFuel from day one, and many of them have gone on to be the company’s top performers in their field.

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RocketFuel reached its sales targets, and during each Quarterly Business Review awards were given to Superstars recruits for their contribution. And as well as generating money for the business, finding these people through Superstars saved RocketFuel over £1,400,000 in recruitment fees during the period.

To infinity and beyond, with Superstars.


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