Our work with RocketFuel has had a real impact on the business, but we were conscious that we needed to shift things up another gear to continue to achieve the growth the business was looking for.

So we invited our digital partners yBC.tv to come in and help evolve the digital talent attraction strategy. We’ve worked with yBC on many previous projects, and knew that they would help us achieve the next level of results for RocketFuel.

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As a first step in the process, yBC recommended the development of digital tools to support the talent attraction strategy. In particular, they suggested the creation of a key talent attraction video to capture the essence of Rocket Fuel.

Without scripting or briefing anyone involved in advance, yBC.tv rolled into RocketFuel’s offices in London and Hamburg, and interviewed dozens of people from across the business – to get their authentic, unscripted, unrehearsed views on RocketFuel. The results … well you can see below.

When we first saw this – we were stunned. The Superstars team and the management team at RocketFuel are delighted with the result, and needless to say the video is getting plenty of use. Aside from this main video, there are 169 videos (in English and German) which can be used via social media, email or face to face to help during the talent onboarding process.

550 screengrab wistia

Thank you to the yBC team – a fabulous job well done, and we’ll be working with you again soon!

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