In a world where attention is scarce, talent attraction is vital

Ask yourself this: has your organisation done everything possible to make your opportunity as attractive as possible to candidates?

If the answer is no, you need to focus on talent attraction – and urgently.

We are all bombarded with thousands of requests for our time, attention, energy and money. So when a candidate is thinking about a career move (and even more so when they are not thinking about moving on), you must ensure that the idea of moving to your organisation is really attractive to the candidate.

We’ve worked with numerous clients to help the with detailed talent attraction strategies – to find just the right people. Superstars has become expert at developing a healthy flow of candidates back to client businesses.

If need be, we pull in our digital partners yBC.tv to help you with talent attraction tools such as:

  • Campaign microsites
  • Outbound network attraction campaigns
  • Social and digital campaigns
  • Advanced content ecosystems
  • Video job specs
  • Talent attraction videos
  • And much more

yBC work across multiple industries including technology, media, financial services and retail – and have helped to produce fantastic results for our clients.