When small UX design agency Pancentric Digital had aspirations for growth, Superstars was called in. Originally, they were a business of three people. But they wanted to punch well above their weight.

pan 550 body

Image courtesy of Pancentric Digital

Superstars helped developed new talent and HR strategies, placed new people in the business, and the dream of expansion became a happy reality.

The result? Superstars saved the business well over £20,000 – money which was further used to expand the business. Superstars’ recruits became central to the success of the business, and they haven’t looked back. These recruits, in turn, have helped drive success and growth.

The business is now significantly larger, with 8 senior leaders or directors and a wide range of talented specialists working with them. Significant clients projects include Signa, The Shard, Silverstone and Blufin Group.

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